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The vacuum forming process was first introduced in the 1930s and is still thriving in a growing number of applications. The thermoforming technique is one of the most common plastic processing methods. The process involves heating a sheet of plastic, covering it over a mold and applying vacuum pressure to wrap it around the mold. It is widely used in pastry industry, chocolate figures making, packaging industry and manufacturing. We offer different vacuum forming machines in Hong Kong, from a small and simple desktop models to industrial grade machines.

Brand Mayku
Price 5500 

Weight 12Kg

Brand Mayku
Original price 7920
Price 7500 

Brand Formech
Price 188000 
Weight 27kg

Brand Mayku
Weight 13kg

Brand Formech
Weight 75kg

Brand Mayku
Original price 5500
Price 3850 

Brand 3DMart
Price 1650 
Weight 6.3kg

Brand Mayku
Price 56500 
Weight 57kg

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