3DMart HK provides a complete range of 3D printing and digital manufacturing equipment: 3d printers, 3d scanners, laser cutters, CNC machines, etc.. Including 3D printing services and 3D scanning services. 3DMart is the official agent of high-quality rapid prototyping equipment in Hong Kong!

Materials & Consumables

3DMART HK provides original materials and consumables for different equipment, including 3D printing filament in Hong Kong, SLA or LCD resin, SLS printing powder. In addition to the standard PLA, there are different kinds of PLA, elastic TPU, ABS, carbon fiber COPA, nylon and many other types of filaments we offer. We select the best particular materials and consumables of famous brands, including ULTIMAKER, COLORFABB, ESUN, BOTFEEDER, POLYMAKER, FUN TO DO, BASF, and FORMBOX.

Software & Courses

3DMart offers a variety of official 3D modeling and reverse engineering software and a variety of online 3D design teaching courses so that a new 3D printer can become a professional 3D engineer. In addition, to promote and share 3D printing and related molding technology, we will also publish the latest news in this category, Facebook fan page, and official website.


We provide you high-quality 3D printers, 3D scanners, and various processing equipment with professional foundry services.

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