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The supporting material is dedicated to the dual nozzle 3D printer so that the complex structure or appearance of the object can be better. It is mainly used as extra support at the printing suspension. There are many forms for you to choose from. It is convenient to disassemble and simplify the post-processing so that your 3D printing can be completed smoothly.

Brand Ultimaker
Price 390 
Weight 0.35kg-0.75kg

Brand AirWolf 3D
Original price 3880
Price 700 
Weight 0.45KG

Brand Ultimaker
Price 530 
Weight 0.75KG

Brand Polymaker
Price 375 
Weight 0.5KG

Brand Infinite
Price 1250 
Weight 500g

Brand BCN3D
Price 750 
Weight 500g

Brand Bambu Lab
Price 305 
Weight 0.5 kg

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