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Services and Concept

Founded in 2014, 3DMart is committed to introducing different kinds of  
3D printing materials3D printers, and 3D scanners in Hong Kong. Equipment from all over the world with high quality, so that users can quickly master the global 3D printing technology. Including the most common printing technologies, such as FDM, SLA, SLS we also provide a variety of 3D printing materials and samples display. Later, we added 3D printing services and 3D scanning services, reverse engineering, metal casting, and other multiple services. 3DMart is an official agent of the high-quality 3D printers that provide the best 3D printing quality for customers. 3DMart also expanded into metal 3D printers, laser engravers/cutters, robotic arms, CNC machines, and other related fields.


The logo of 3DMart is a polar bear combined from the triangles and the hexagon, represents the multifaceted 3D printing model in the STL format, and also represents the determination of 3DMart to create the maximum benefit with the minimum resources - whether it is the value of the enterprise or your 3D printed products. We continuously update and release the latest news and tutorials for 3D printing. Also, we provide teaching courses related to 3D printing. We are happy to share the experience of testing 3D printing materials and 3D printers and any relevant knowledge that you may be interested in.

Each customer is a triangle of 3DMart, and we help you to achieve the highest efficiency with minimal costs. We always believe that printing quality determines product value.


Our features

 ① The general agent of the famous 3D printer Ultimaker, and the official agent of the major brands: DWS, Sinterit, Lulzbot, Flashforge. And other well-known brands.

 ② We provide all kinds of technical training, 3D printing application information sharing, product after-sales service, and maintenance warranty.

 ③ Engineers are trained regularly in foreign factories to provides the most professional assistance to customers.

 ④ We provide complete 3D printing software and hardware operation instructions when the machine is attached.

 ⑤ Selected high-quality FFF/FDM 3D printer, SLA/DLP 3D printer, 3D printing filaments, 3D printing resins, and 3D printing accessories from Europe, America, and the world.

 ⑥ Selected 3D design and printing courses, seminars, and activities.

 ⑦ Use the original 3D printer to provide high-quality printing services, including PLA, ABS, PC, Nylon, PP, and other materials of 3D printing OEM.

 ⑧  Open and transparent pricing and information


Historical evolution                                                                   


October - 3DMart (Taiwan) limited was founded


April - Obtained multiple 3D printer factory brand dealership(UltimakerLulzbot)
September - Start offering 3D printing services


January - Obtained the sole agent status for Ultimaker 3D printer in Hong Kong and Taiwan
March - 3DMart (Hong Kong) limited was founded
October - Participated in training at Ultimaker's original factory in Holland
December - Obtained DWS 3D printer factory brand dealership


January  - Interviewed by Chinese Television Network Inc (CTN) on the topic "The Maker". 
March - Provide various 3D printing courses
April - Obtained the general agent right of Ultimaker 3D printer in Macao
May - Obtained Shining3D 3D Scanner factory brand dealership
         - Provide 3D Scanning printing service
  - Provide 3D drawing service
June - Polymaker' dealership in Hong Kong and Taiwan
September - Obtained Flashforge 3D Printer's brand dealership


May - Obtained Sinterit 3D printer's brand dealership
October - 3DMART Taichung office official operating

November - Start of the "MANU FUTURE" Moving Stage with cooperation with Economic Service Department

January  - Participated in training at Ultimaker's original factory in Asia Pacific
March  - Start selling Metal 3D Printing
April  - Start selling Laser engraver and cutterRoland CNC miller
May  - Start selling Vaqugorm DT2, Sponsor New Generation Design to Taipei University of acience and technology
June  - Obtained Mayku FormBox Vacuum former's brand dealership
August  - Participated 3D Printing echibition
September  - Participated in training at Ultimaker's original factory in Asia Pacific
December - Participated in The Mega Maker Day

January  - Obtained Phrozen SLA 3D Printer's brand dealership
March  - Start selling Snapmaker 3d printers/laser engravers/cnc machines


Business partners who trust 3DMart

3Dmart continues to grow servicing customers. Thanks to the support from the industry, academic, educational institutions, and many studios since 3DMart's establishment. Your trust and advice are the driving force for the 3DMart team to make more progress.

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