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FormBox Vacuum Forming Machine
Product model MK0001
Brand Mayku
Price 5500 


FormBox Vacuum Forming Machine

FormBox puts the industrial vacuum forming technology on the desktop. It can be powered by any household vacuum cleaner, and can be used with a variety of materials; It is fast, economical, versatile, and easy to use, quickly turns your imagination into reality and mass production.

.Unlimited Copy

FormBox can complete a mold in seconds, speeding up the product development cycle and making practical imagination even easier. Just four steps to complete the custom mold or packaging immediately:

.Step 1: Place the 3D printing object, laser engraving object or any propotype model on the FormBox platform.
.Step 2: Presse down the vacuum forming sheet, complete a mold in seconds.
.Step 3: Use chocolat, resin, gypsum, cement and more materials you like to fill the mode.
Step 4: Take out the product and continue to mass production, also use FormBox to customize the outer packaging!

.Key features:
Material placement: The machine features an innovative material sheet loading system, and a convenient, quick press handle.
Fine mesh: By ultrafine mesh structure, increase airflow.
Universal joint: With a universal connector, the FormBox can be operated with any household vacuum cleaner.

.No need to wait!
No need to outsource production and wait in line, just a few seconds, grasp the mold in hand.
.Rapid creative
Quickly test ideas and modify them to your satisfaction, and the desktop device is simple and affordable for immediate use in the office or studio.
.Cost savings
One is enough! There is no minimum quantity limit (MOQ). Whether to make 1 or 100,  one material sheet price is required.
.Save thousands of dollars compared to outsourcing
Putting industrial-grade vacuum forming technology on the table will create more value for the enterprise.
.Working with materials from all over the world
Use different materials to meet various forms of product packaging, cultural and creative goods, or food mold design. You can choose according to your needs.

.Product content:
FormBox Vacuum Former-1
Forming Form Sheet Transparent-20 pieces
Forming Form Sheet White-20 pieces
Beginner's bag-3
Injection material-1KG
Extended warranty-2 years
Universal vacuum joint - 1

Local power connector - 1

【Vacuum Former Application】FormBox Free course x 11 (1)
【Vacuum Former Application】FormBox Free course x 11 (2)

Height  315mm
Length (With Handles)   466mm
Width  274mm
Forming bed  200mm x 200mm
Draw Depth  130mm
Weight  13kgs
Power  110V 5A 1000W
 240A 5A 1000W
 Maximum 2000W
Temp range of the built-in heater  160C - 340C
Compatible material PETG, HIPS, PLA, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, PVC, Kydex, HDPE, LDPE, EVA foam, TPU, ABS, Extruded Acrylic
Prototype material 3D printing FDM PLA, 3D printing FDM ABS, 3D printing FDM nylon, most 3D printing, most SLA 3D finished products, most SLS 3D printing finished products, wood, CNC milling and injection molding, plastics such as ABS or nylon, steel, aluminum, gypsum, polyurethane rubber, hardened clay, silicone, paper and card, tempered glass
Material thickness 0.25mm-1.55mm

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