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3DMart provides 3D Scanning Services, whether you want to make customized gifts and souvenirs, copy some parts and accessories for work or life needs, or wish to save existing entity objects digitally, 3D scanning can achieve it! 3DMart uses the Einscam Pro 2X/2X Plus 3D scanner launched by Shining 3D, which has excellent accuracy and scanning speed, no matter whether it is a large device or small accessories! Combined with 3D printing, create a perfect replica! In addition, we also provide reverse engineering services after scanning, through the professional skills of engineers, combined with the powerful Solid Edge software of Shining 3D version, to scan your objects back to the same size and precision as the original entity object. If you want to print the scanned objects, it is even better to use a 3D printer. We provide a range of consumer and industrial 3D printers and 3D Printing Services to help you realize your ideas!

3D Scanning Service Introduction

【3D Scanning Service Introduction
The 3D scanner available 
currently is: SHINING 3D-EinScan Pro 2X

You need only send us some photos with multiple dimensions and the actual size of the object, we will provide a quotation and working time after the evaluation, to ensure that your workflow will not be delayed!

Scan Pricing: According to the size and the complexity of the object.

Scanning Conditions Limitations:
Size: The size of the object should be bigger than 5cm, please contact us for special size.
Color: The item which is in black, transparent, or reflective is hard to scan, or the scanning condition is not ideal, will need to spray powder treatment. If need so we will inform in advance.

* All of us at 3DMart are committed to achieving the best 3D scanning quality, but there is no 100% guarantee that it will meet all customer expectations.
3DMart distributes and uses consumer-grade 3D scanners. Although our 3D scanners are evaluated as the best, and we provide the best scanning quality. Please understand that this is not an industrial-grade machine, they cannot make industrial-grade accuracy and quality.

* If you provide the object to scan in 3D, you must own the property right. 3Dmart will not be responsible for property-related issues.
* Not all objects are suitable for 3D scanning. If the object is too complex, we may not be able to undertake or need to charge more than the above-quoted price.

* Most objects calculate at the above price, but different object types may vary according to the evaluation of 3DMart engineers.
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Upload files:
Please attach several photos of the object with different dimensions (file name should be in English or number), and label the actual size. You can attach a maximum of 4 different files. If you would like to provide more than four files, please compress them into a.RAR or.ZIP file, then upload them here. Files cannot exceed 16MB.
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