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SLA (Stereolithography)/DLP/LCD 3D printers cure the resins by illuminating them with a light source of specific wavelength, so throughout the printing process the final product is cured and printed in layers. The SLA/DLP/LCD 3D printing machines prints accurately fine and complex structures and can print very detailed models. Therefore, it is very suitable for various applications, from prototyping, lost wax casting, practical industrial applications to extremely fine jewelry or dental. The technical difference between SLA, DLP and LCD 3d printers is the light source. DLP uses a projector, SLA a laser and LCD a liquid crystal display. Over time LCD 3d printers become more and more popular, outperforming SLA and DLP, because of their affordable price, very easy maintenance and high reliability, due to the lack of many moving or complicated parts.

Price 3890 
Weight 14.5kg

Brand Phrozen
Price 5450 
Weight 15kg

Brand Phrozen
Price 5200 
Weight 20kg

Brand Phrozen
Price 6399 
Weight 14.3kg

Brand Phrozen
Price 2199 
Weight 300g

Brand Anycubic
Original price 4200
Price 2100 
Weight 10.75kg

Brand Anycubic
Price 5100 
Weight 11kg

Brand Anycubic
Price 1300 
Weight 3.7kg

Brand Anycubic
Price 1800 
Weight 6.5kg

Brand Phrozen
Price 2260 
Weight 4.2KG

Brand Phrozen
Price 130 
Weight 10g

Brand Phrozen
Price 16500 
Weight 35kg

Brand Phrozen
Price 310 
Weight 200g

Brand Phrozen
Price 450 
Weight 520g

Brand Phrozen
Price 980 
Weight 850g

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