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Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K S LCD 3D Printer
Product model PH0176
Brand Phrozen
Price 10999 


Sonic Mega 8K S LCD 3D Printer (Pre-order)

Your Reliable Productivity Beast
Whether you run a miniature farm or a print-on-demand business, the Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K S will be your best companion. With its 15" building plate, new high-speed system and ACF release film, it'll boost your efficiency. Topped off with 8K print quality, the Sonic Mega 8K S will boost your production and exceed your customers' expectations!

Key Features

Sonic Mega 8K S LCD 3D Printer

Print 80 Models in 1.5 Hours
The Sonic Mega 8K S's 15-inch perforated build plate is renowned for its generous print volume, easily accommodating up to 80 1/32 soldier models at a time.

Sonic Mega 8K S LCD 3D Printer print 80 models in 1.5 hours

Produce 10X More Efficiently
Say goodbye to slow production and print up to 10x faster with the Sonic Mega 8K S and these 3 key components:

1.  All new high-speed system for faster printing
2.  ACF release film for reduced suction and lower lift height
3.  Low viscosity resin such as TR300 for faster curing

Sonic Mega 8K S LCD 3D Printer have 10X More Efficient Production

Lift-up Lid for Space-saving Convenience

Sonic Might 8K LCD 3D Printer opening the lid  Sonic Mega 8K S LCD 3D Printer opening the lid

                                        Before                                                                                      After
             Unsure where to put the acrylic cover due to                   Never forget where you put your lid again with
               minimum working space and one clumsy                           a lift-up lid. It occupies less space in your
           move may accidentally knock up your finished                   studio while maintaining easy access to prints

Saving Resin in a Safer and More Efficient Way

Sonic Might 8K LCD 3D Printer in a harder way to save resin  Sonic Mega 8K S LCD 3D Printer has better way to save resin

                                        Before                                                                                After
            Messy drops all around your workspace and is                  The all-metal built-in drip hanger is safer and
            dangerous due to its weight.                                                   conveniently saves every last drop of resin
                                                                                                                                  after printing.

Sonic Mega 8K S Samples :

Sonic Mega 8K S LCD 3D Printer Samples

Sonic Mega 8K S LCD 3D Printer Samples

Sonic Mega 8K S LCD 3D Printer Sample

Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K S has breakthrough advanced performance, not only can 3D print large size, but also printing accuracy and quality, definitely can save more production time, material usage, to achieve the highest efficiency of the light-curing 3D printing experience, contact us to know more about Phrozen LCD 3D Printers.

*The original LCD screen is a consumable product, non-human damage state warranty for three months.


System  Phrozen OS
Dimensions 47.2 x 38 x 56.6 cm (L x W x H)
Volume 33 x 18.5 x 30 cm (L x W x H)
Weight 26 kg
Operation 3.5" Touch Panel
Slicer Software CHITUBOX V1.9.6 and above (or others)
Connectivity USB
Design Technology Resin 3D Printer - LCD Type
Light Source 405nm ParaLED® Matrix 3.0
Release Film ACF Film
XY Resolution 43µm
Layer Thickness 0.01-0.30 mm
Average Printing Speed 600 layers/hr
Power Requirement AC100-240V ; 50-60Hz
System Power Max 240 W

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