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Phrozen Sonic Saber - The Ultrasonic Cutter
Product model PH0153
Brand Phrozen
Price 2099 


Phrozen Sonic Saber - The Ultrasonic Cutter

The Phrozen Sonic Saber uses up to 40,000 vibrations per second to create superb cuts! Precise cuts, easy to create the perfect model! Whether it's a tiny support in a complex model or tolerance trimming on a component model, the Phrozen Sonic Saber makes precise cuts to remove supports without leaving any residue, while preserving all print details to create a perfect 3D model!

Phrozen x MADWORKS launches ultra-precision cuts
                                         • Intuitive pen-operated design, super strong sonic cutting
                                         • Accurately removes complex model supports, preserving all details
                                         • Significantly reduces the risk of damage to post-processed models

Remove Support Effortlessly

Phrozen Sonic Saber is easy to remove the supports
The Sonic Saber ultrasonic knife removes all supports quickly, smoothly and effortlessly.

More Accurately, More Tightly

Phrozen Sonic Saber in process

Make cutting and modifying more accurate, applied to adjust the tolerance of components, can make the model completely tight and model assembly more easily.

Precise Removal of Supports from Complicated Detail 

Phrozen Sonic Saber removing the complicated detail of supports
Powerful high-speed sonic vibration allows the pen knife to perfectly remove supports close to the model in a single stroke, eliminating the risk of damaging the model.

Various materials can be cut

Phrozen Sonic Saber can cut various materials
3D Printing and Cutting: The Sonic Sabre can be used to cut a wide range of materials for a wide range of applications, including modeling materials.

- Cautions -
• Please DO NOT touch the product with wet hands.
• Please wear cut-resistant gloves when handling the product.
• DO NOT expose the machine to liquids of any kind.
• If the device is exposed to water, discontinue use immediately. 
• Please do not use this product to cut oil paper and/or other flammable objects.
• Do not point the Ultrasonic Knife at others.
• Keep away from children.
• Please do not use this product to cut metal or glass.
• DO NOT touch the blade immediately before or after use as high temperatures can cause burns.
• Danger - High Voltage! Non-professional personnel should avoid disassembling the product on their own  to prevent injury from accidental touch.

- Maintenance -
• Use rubbing alcohol to clean the outside of the unit. Do not use oily or corrosive liquids to clean the unit.

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Oscillation Frequency 40 kHz
Dimensions 129.1 x 125.3 x 70.5 mm
Cutter 133 x  30 mm
Weight 300g
Handle Weight 75g
Handle Cable Length 1050 mm
Power DC 12V 3A
Additional Blade 18 x 4 x 0.38 mm (Replaceable with other blades of similar specifications.)
Blade Angle 30° sharp angle

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