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FormBox Heat Shield
Product model MK0008
Brand Mayku

FormBox Heat Shield

FormBox Heat Shield is an essential accessory for using FormBox Resin Sheets as well as other professional materials.

Mayku Heat Shield

The FormBox Heat Shield allows the FormBox to work with thicker sheets by improving the distribution of heat across the material. The heat shield takes 30 seconds to install and doesn't require any tools to set up. A small viewing port allows visibility of the material whilst it heats, and it comes safely shipped in protective packaging.

Mayku Heat Sheild

The lid is very easy to assemble. The product is snap-assembled and therefore does not require the use of any additional components or tools.

FormBox Free Course x 11 (1)
FormBox Free Course x 11 (2)

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 46.6 × 27.4 × 31.5 cm

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