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Formech 300DT Vacuum Former
Product model VF0020
Brand Formech

Formech 300DT Vacuum Former

The brand new 300DT is Formech's smallest desktop machine to date. Keeping the functionality of its predecessor, the Compac Mini, the 300DT is smaller in volume and lighter than ever. Compared with other compact machines on the market, the 300DT comes with a quiet built-in vacuum pump and molding release. Easy to transport, move, and use, this 300DT is the perfect solution for creative hobbyists, artisans, and students.


Key Features
• Safety interlock
Mechanical interlock prevents table being raised whilst heaters are in forward position (all desktop machines).

• Vacuum & Release 
After the formed part has cooled, air is forced between the mould and the sheet to help it release.

• Vacuum Gauge 
A visual indication of consistent vacuum pressure being applied (pressure in Hg / bar).

• Digital Timer
Digital timer with programmable countdown and audible alarm helps achieve consistent cycle times.



• Reducing Windows 125x100mm & custom size
Reduces forming area to utilise smaller sheets of material and minimise wastage. 

• Desktop Trolley
A white trolley with locking wheels and convenient storage for plastics sheet. Length: 795mm Width: 606mm Height: 927mm

• Starter Pack of Plastic 
Assortment of material (HIPS, ABS, PETG) cut to size to fit your Formech vacuum forming machine. 10x Black Gloss/Matt HIPS 1mm - 10x White Gloss/Matt HIPS 1mm - 30x Mix Colour Gloss/Matt HIPS 1.5mm (blue red yellow) - 10x Black Pinseal ABS 1.5mm - 16x Clear PETG 0.5mm

• Spare Parts Kit
1x FSQ 225W Quartz Element, 1x FSQ 250W Quartz Element, 1x Ceramic Terminal Block, 1x Seal Kit (1 x sealant, 5m 12x4 seal strip), 2x Clamp Frame Grip Blue, 2x Clamp adjuster nut M5 Blk, 2x Toggle Clamp with Blue grip - assembled - small, 1x Pump Filter (In-line Large), 1x 25mm Ceramic Fuse (5A)

Forming area (mm/inches) 280 x 230mm / 11 x 9.1" 
Sheet Size (mm/inches) 300 x 250mm / 11.8 x 9.8 " 
Max depth of draw 136mm / 5.4" 
Max Material Thickness 4mm / 0.2" 
Heating Zones    1
Heater type Quartz 
Width 454mm / 17.9" 
Height 355mm / 14.0" 
Depth 746mm / 29.4" 
Weight 27kg / 59.5lbs 
Single-Phase Power Requirements 208-240V / 13A 
Europe - 3 Phase Power Requirements N/A 
USA - 3 Phase Power Requirements N/A 
Power Consumption 1.1
Air Requirements  N/A
Operating interface Analog
Vacuum pump type Diaphgram
Pump flow (SCFM @ 0 in. / 60Hz) 1.7
Pump flow m3 /h @ 0mbar / 50Hz 2.4
Mould release method Pump exhaust

*Desktop Formech machine features and specifications are subject to change without notice as part of our continual product development program

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