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Mayku FormBox Complete Pack
Product model MK0014
Brand Mayku
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FormBox Vacuum Forming Complete Set
Complete set includes:
1. FormBox vacuum forming machine
2. Vacuum pump VE-115(1/4HP power)
3. FormBox Casting Sheets 0.5mm 30pcs

4. FormBox heat shield

FormBox Vacuum Forming Machine
FormBox brings industrial vacuum forming technology to the desktop, using external vacuum pump (1/4HP power) with high suction force. There is a built-in check valve inside to ensure there is no air leak, suction is strong and stableMayku Formbox can be used with various material. It is fast, economical, multi-functional and easy to use machine, that will quickly turn your imagination into reality and mass production. 3DMart is authorized distributor of Mayku FormBox in Hong Kong, and provides complete technical maintenance and after-sales service.

.Production flexibility
Mayku FormBox can complete molds in seconds, speed up product development cycle. Just four steps to complete the custom mold or packaging immediately:

.Step 1:3D Print your model、Laser Cut or use any production method to create a model.
.Step 2:Press down the plastic sheet inside the FormBox, and the mold is automatically completed in seconds.
.Step 3:Fill in the mold with chocolate, resin, plaster, silicone or other material of your choice。
.Step 4:Take the final product out and continue mass production, and you can also use FormBox to customize the outer packaging!

.Product features:
Material Placement: The machine features an easy material sheet loading system with an easy-to-use quick-release handle.
Ultra-fine mesh: The ultra-fine mesh structure increases airflow.
Universal Connector: With the Universal Connector, the FormBox can be operated with any household vacuum cleaner.

.Don't wait
There is no need to outsource production and wait, just a few seconds and you will have the mold in your hands.
.Rapid creativity
Quickly test ideas and do modifications, with a compact and affordable desktop unit ready for immediate use inside an office or studio.
.Cut the costs
One machine will do! You only pay the price of one plastic sheet to make the mold.
.Significant savings comparing to outsourced production
Vacuum forming technology on a desktop can create great value for small enterprises.
.Use multiple available materials for forming
Different material sheets are available in various forms, from product packaging to food molds, and you can choose according to your needs.

.Formbox includes:
Mayku FormBox vacuum forming machine
Transparent sheet - 20 pieces
Casting sheet - 20 pieces
Universal vacuum connector

Professional vacuum forming pump VE-115(1/4HP)

Pump features:

.Suitable to use with desktop vacuum formers
Built-in check valve to prevent air leakage
.1/4HP power

FormBox Casting sheets 0.5mm 30 pcs
0.5mm white material sheet for FormBox vacuum forming machine, versatile and easy to use, suitable for product packaging, prototyping and decorative crafts.


*This material is 100% recyclable, and part of it is made from recycled plastic.

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FormBox desktop vacuum forming machine, in addition to being powered by any household vacuum cleaner, can also use vacuum forming pump. Contact Us for more infomtaion and assistance!

Mayku FormBox Vacuum forming machine
Machine Height 315mm
Machine length 466mm
Machine width 274mm
Forming area 200mm x 200mm
Forming height 130mm
Machine weight 13KG
Heater temperature 160°C - 340°C
Compatible forming materials PETG、HIPS、PLA、Polypropylene、Polycarbonate、Polystyrene、PVC、Kydex、HDPE、LDPE、EVA foam、TPUABS、Extruded Acrylic
Forming model materials SLA models、SLS models 3D printed models、wood、CNC models、Plastics ABS and Nylon、steel、aluminum、plaster、rubber、clay、silicone、paper、tempered glass
Forming sheet thickness Thermoplastic sheets with a thickness 0.25 to 1.5 mm
Power 240V 5A 1000W
2000W maximum vacuum power

Vacuum pump VE-115(1/4HP)
Model VE-115
(with vacuum gauge + built-in check valve + one set of vacuum oil)
Air volume 1.8CFM(50LPM) Comes with a can of original vacuum oil
Power 1/4HP
Input voltage 220V
Weight 6.3kg
Connecting pipe diameter 2分horse 外牙(冷凍空調專用接頭)
Measured high vacuum gauge 88 Microns
Guaranteed vacuum 76cmHg (30inchHG)=真空錶貼錶

FormBox  0.5mm Cast sheets 30 pcs

FormBox Heat Shield
Weight 13 kg
Size 46.6 × 27.4 × 31.5 cm


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