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Mayku Multiplier Pressure Former
Product model MK0011
Brand Mayku
Price 56500 


Multiplier Pressure Former

Pressure forming is an industrial-grade manufacturing process, used to make molds and parts quickly. By utilizing pressure when forming heated sheet material, pressure forming can capture detail finer than human hair and perfectly sharp edges. The process of making a mold takes just 1 minute.

Mayku multiplier pressure former

High Resolution Molds & Parts In 1 Minute:

.Step 1: mayku multiplier pressure former steps  The Multiplier's tanks fill with compressed air and pressurise the dome to 4 atmospheres.

Step 2: mayku multiplier pressure former steps  The pressure forces the heated sheet of material into every detail of your creation.

Step 3: mayku multiplier pressure former steps  Creating high-resolution molds or parts in a matter of minutes.

Key features:

Sharp edges: Super precise 90 degree edges for improved accuracy.

mayku multiplier pressure former features

High detail: Capture textures finer than a human hair.

mayku multiplier pressure former features

Large scale: Design within a 400mm wide circular forming area with 160mm height.

mayku multiplier pressure former features

Easy to use: Learn in an hour and make a form in 5 minutes.

mayku multiplier pressure former features

Compact: Fits on a desk and doesn’t require an external pump.

mayku multiplier pressure former features

LED screen: High contrast LED screen, satisfying mechanical switches, updateable firmware.

mayku multiplier pressure former LCD screen

Compare with the FormBox Vacuum Forming Machine, the newly designed pressure former doesn't require an External Pump. It is more powerful, more precise, and more possibilities.

Forming Bed 160mm x 400mm x 400mm
Max Sheet Thickness PETG, Flex sheets and more
Works with sheets from 0.5mm - 8mm
Min Sheet Thickness 0.5mm
Detail Resolution 0.0004mm resolution for injection mold quality forms
Requires External Pump? No
Size 585mm x 515mm x 420mm
Weight 57kg (boxed)

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