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Sinterit Lisa X SLS 3D Printer
Product model ST0001test
Brand Sinterit

Sinterit Lisa X SLS  3D Printer

The Sinterit Lisa X desktop SLS 3D printer is a revolution in compact SLS segment. It is the fastest compact SLS 3D printer in our offer, produced for agility and productivity.

It uses a desktop 3D printer with selective laser light sintering technology. The compact and well-designed printer allows users to create super-fast prototyping without compromising quality or durability, and most printouts in less then 24 hours.


Lisa X offer lightning-fast printing, a large working area, access to the full range of materials and an open environment, it's large build volumn with industrial speed is definately an advantages of itslef in compact series. It is very suitable for some user who expect more prints but do not need series production.

Speed Up Innovation
The Lisa X prints really fast: 10-14mm/h, which is the fastest compact SLS printer on the market. It's build volume print up to 540 elements in 28 hours!

Lisa X speed

New Feature
The Lisa X is also equipped with a special airblade, streamlining the print preparation process. The airblade cleans it automatically before the print.

Reliable machine = efficient processes + peace of mind for users
Enjoy the best 3D Printing, now contact us to now more about the Sinterit SLS 3D printer.


Technology SLS
Laser type Galvo
Size 650 x 610 x 1200mm
Weight 150KG
Maximum print volume 130 x 180 x 330mm

Layer thickness 0.075-0.175mm
Software Sinterit Studio
Support file types STL, 3MF , OBJ, 3DS, FBX, DAE
Operating system Microsoft Windows 10 and later
Transfer method WiFi, Ethernet, USB

PA12 Smooth
PA11 Onyx
PP Polypropylene
Flexa Bright
Flexa Soft
Flexa Grey

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