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Phrozen Wash: Resin Cleaner(5kg)
Product model PH0026
Brand Phrozen

Phrozen Wash: Resin Cleaner(5Kg)

As a powerful cleaning agent, Phrozen's Wash Resin Cleaner dissolves uncured resin and allows you to wash your printed models by either spraying or soaking it directly into the liquid.
This 3D Resin Cleaner produces low odors and is best for cleaning printed parts.

Phrozen Wash: Resin Cleaner(5kg)

Spray or soak to clean your model
Low odors
• Best for cleaning printed parts


Pour the used Phrozen resin cleaner back into the bucket and store in a sealed container, it can be reused approximately 10 times. If you find suspension on the surface of the cleaner, "filter" the suspension and "stir" it evenly before reuse. Enjoy the light curing printing experience with Phrozen resins, which can be tailored to your needs and properties to give you the best finished product, or contact us for more information.

Weight 5kg
pH Value Neutral Ph (Ph 7.0)
Applicable Plastic Material Teflon

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