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Phrozen Speed Resin (1kg)
Product model PH0154
Brand Phrozen
Price 320 


Phrozen Speed 3D Printing Resin
8x Faster for Your Larger Designs
Phrozen specially formulated the Speed Resin to print up 8x faster, making it the ideal choice for printing large models like props and industrial prototypes.

Phrozen Speed Resin
Key Features :

【Finished Print Large Models Within 6 Hours】
Compared to most commercial resins, Phrozen Speed Resin significantly reduces print time to less than 6 hours for 24cm models, allowing same-day modifications.
 Speed Resin Finished Print Large Models Within 6 Hours

Phrozen Speed Resin 3D prints printing time
【Suitable for Larger Designs】
Great for printing life-size cosplay props, masks, prototypes, shoes, or landscaping projects such as tabletop wargaming terrains.

Resin Profile of Speed Resin in Sonic Mega 8K
Resin Profile of Phrozen Speed Resin in Sonic Mega 8K
Note:All specifications have been tested in a laboratory. These resin parameters have been determined with a temperature of 25°C and relative humidity of 75%. 

Make sure your printer is well calibrated and start with a test print to ensure you have the correct parameters for your printing environment. Then adjust the parameters accordingly before moving on to the real models.

Enjoy a fast, stable, high quality experience with the Phrozen 3D printer that's easy for anyone to get started with, contact us for more information !

Weight 1 kg
Density 1.10 g/cm3
Viscosity 235 cP
Tensile Stress at Break 25 MPa
Young's Modulus 900 MPa
Elongation at Break 20 %
Surface Hardness  79 Shore D
Notched Izod Impact 6.31 J/m

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