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Muse 3D AutoFocus Laser Cutter (40W) - Refurbished
Product model MSRB02
Brand MUSE
Price 25000 


Muse 3D Auto-Focus Desktop Laser Cutter 40W

"3DMart Refurbishment Opportunity” not a repaired machine, a defective machine or a customer machine, which is only used for customer display and printing services in the past, and is operated and maintained by professional engineers and in-house staff.
Our constant updating of 3D printing models in person is essential, as well as maintaining 3D printing machine maintenance by regular cleaning and maintenance by the engineer. We offer you another good option at a good price by using the 3D printing machine.
Since these are not brand-new products, there may be some use marks, color variations, and slight scratches. We thoroughly test and sort all self-use goods before selling them. Therefore, without depriving you of all the features that are supposed to be in this model, you can still get a high-quality print with a stable print. At the same time, you'll receive a 6-month warranty and a more favorable price. Availability of these machines is limited, so grab it now!

Muse is the best desktop laser on the market and keeps getting better with 3D camera features, autofocus, LCD touchscreen functions and the powerful, yet easy-to-use, self-hosted browser based RetinaEngrave v3.0 laser control and design software

Key Features
Patented Removable floor to engrave on material larger than the internal work area
RetinaEngrave v3.0 self-hosted browser-based laser control and design software (still operates without live Internet connection)
Intel RealSense™ 3D Camera option 3D scans every pixel for precision XY and focus position
Muse 3D Auto-Focus Desktop Laser Cutter 40W laser head
Motorized Autofocus
Sleek onboard LCD touchscreen control
Cuts up to 1/4 inch material
Engraves up to 1000 dpi resolution
Optional accessories like the rotary and riser engrave on rounded or larger objects

Motorized Autofocus
A clever mechanical sensor built into the laser head provides backup height data when 3D camera data is unavailable. This allows for different focus points to be set ahead of time on materials of varied thicknesses. This will help you move more quickly between engravings giving you time to get more accomplished.     
Muse 3D Auto-Focus Desktop Laser Cutter 40W laser head  

Intel RealSense™ 3D Camera

2D camera technology can only be used for flat surfaces and cannot compensate for curved or warped surfaces or varying heights. Muse 3D Vision with Autofocus utilizes Intel’s 3D RealSense technology to accurately map millions of 3D data points. Watch your jobs on mobile devices and more! A live view of the camera is available on the touchscreen, within RE3 and on mobile devices.
Muse 3D Auto-Focus Desktop Laser Cutter 40W 3D RealSense
The Best Laser Control Software on the Market!
The powerful, easy-to-use RetinaEngrave v3.0 software lives right on your laser and is accessed using your favorite web browser and operating system. Input the IP address of your machine into your browser address bar, and you are ready to go. Best part? There's nothing to download, ever.
Muse 3D Auto-Focus Desktop Laser Cutter 40W Software
The Perfect Accessories: Rotary attachment
Upgrade your cooling system for peak performance of the laserEngrave curved objects with a rotary attachment. Work with tumblers, glassware, and more. Increase your laser tube power to accelerate cutting speed and marking ability and plus fume extractors, specialty focus lenses, and more!
Muse 3D Auto-Focus Desktop Laser Cutter 40W Rotary attachement
Muse laser technology:
Cutting Technology
Muse is the laser cutter micro-manufacturers, and creative makers have been waiting for, and you can have it today. From creating original art to replicating pieces for rapid construction, Muse offers the best innovative technology on the market.

Marking Technology
Make material using quick pulses of the laser to create sharp images from pictures on original art.

3D Engraving Technology
Muse takes engraving to a whole new level, creating pieces of amazing craftsmanship with simulating 3D effects.
Muse 3D Auto-Focus Desktop Laser Cutter 40W Technology
Easy to obtain, wood perfectly demonstrates the simple beauty and versatility of what a laser cutter does.
Open your design possibilities with all the colors of the rainbow, using acrylic in your projects.
Cut patterns in a flash to create costumes, plush toys, special banners, and even clothes.
Customize leather goods and clothing with personalized engravings. Create unique belts, holsters, backpacks, and more.
Take your artistic skills to a new level, cutting paper with speed and precision to create delicate designs. Beat in industry vector control algorithms cuts on scores paper with no burn marks.
Never underestimate the value of cardboard to create prototype designs and low-cost products.
Muse 3D Auto-Focus Desktop Laser Cutter 40W Materials

Click on the video to learn more!

Working Area Engraving Area: 20" x 12" (508mm x 305mm)
Z-Height: 2.5"
Weight & Dimensions Machine Dimensions: Width: 32.3" x Depth: 20.3" x Height: 8.5" (820mm x 515mm x 215mm)
Weight: 54 lbs (24.5 kg)
Laser Laser Classification: Class 3
Laser Type: Sealed CO2 Laser Tube
Laser Power: 40W
Focus Lens Included: 2"
Integrated Red Guiding Laser and Beam Combiner
Resolution: Up to 1000 dpi
Power Power Supply: ​AC 110V native
Gross Power: < 1000W
System Operation Modes: ​Precision Raster, Vector or Combined Modes
Motion Control: High-speed, High-precision stepper motors
Operating Temperature: 0C - 45C
Software RetinaEngrave v3.0
Compatibility PC, Mac & Linux
Browser Compatibility Google Chrome (recommended), Safari, Firefox, Edge
File Import Options JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, SVG, DXF, DWG
Minimum Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 Pixels
Wireless Compatibility Ability to Connect Through Local Network (Ethernet or Wireless) without Internet Connection

*Muse 3D Auto-Focus Desktop Laser Cutter 40W including: 


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