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AESUB Long Lasting 3D Scanning Powder-Orange
Product model AE0011
Price 280 


AESUB Long Lasting 3D Scanning Powder-Orange

AESUB Orange 3D Scanning Powder is a highly adhesive, long-lasting, "Auto-Volatile" powder that evaporates within 24 hours and has been developed and proven by scanning experts. Dusting powder does not contain pigment and will not damage objects. It can be thin and evenly distributed on the surface of scanned objects. There is no need to clean after scanning, effectively saving time, cost and improving work efficiency. Objects that are transparent and reflective can be easily 3D scanning.

Key Features:
1. Automatic evaporation within 24 hours (heating and air circulation can speed up the rate, temperature >25°C will accelerate the rate of evaporation of spray powder)
2. Easy scanning of delicate structures
3. No cleaning required
4. Uniform distribution of spray powder
5. Free of pigments

Application areas:
Automotive, Aviation, Energy, Medical, architecture, Design, art, Reverse engineering, Optical measurement RESEARCH and development, Process Monitoring, inner scanning, measurement function, surface inspection and more.

AESUB scan duster, you can enjoy the highest quality and efficiency of 3D scanning engineering. Contact us now for more information about our products.

Capacity 400ml/
Powder Spraying Condition Spray Gases
Boiling Point -161.5°C/1,013 hPa
Certication GHS compliant flammable aerosol
UPper / Lower Explosion Limit Concentration 2.5%-15%
Flash Point
( The lowest temperature at which a chemical substance can evaporate in air to form a flammable mixture)
-88.6°C/1,013 hPa
Self-ignition Temperature 287°C
Flammable Component 92.99%

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