Ultimaker CPE – Green 綠色

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Model: UM0052
Brand: Ultimaker

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Product Description

Ultimaker CPE – Green 綠色

Ultimaker CPE  綠色最清新自然,彷彿置身於綠油油的大草坪中

CPE是一款可耐化學性腐蝕,堅韌且物件成品能有良好尺寸穩定性的一款材料。 Ultimaker CPE有多種顏色可供選擇,除了一般顏色外還多了灰色系,可以將物件的細節展現得更好。其優異的耐化學性,韌性和尺寸穩定性,良好的層間附著力(特別是在使用門板時)提供您ABS 及PLA 外的新選擇,同時具有較低含量的UFP和揮發性的VOC。適合用在視覺模型或者短期製造。

Ultimaker CPE green is a fresh and natural color, as if we are exposure in the green lawn.

CPE is a chemical resistant, tough and demonstrate good dimensional stability material. Ultimaker CPE has a variety of colors to choose from, in addition to the ordinary color, also have many gray system color. Thus, you can show the details of the models. Its excellent chemical resistance, toughness and dimensional stability, good interlayer adhesion (especially when using the front door add-on) provide you a new choice except for ABS and PLA. While a lower level of UFP and volatile VOC. It is ideal for visual models or for short run manufacturing

3DMART Reasons to choose Ultimaker CPE

Ultimaker  CPE 線材特色


Ultimaker CPE Material Features

Excellent chemical resistance
Excellent toughness and dimensional stability
Good interlayer adhesion, especially when using the front door add-on
Low levels of UFP and volatile organic compounds
Ideal for short run manufacturing and functional prototypes
Transparent and gray option available


Ultimaker  CPE線材運用:
(Example 3D prints using CPE)

3DMART Ultimaker CPE filament application

Technical Data Sheet

Ultimaker 香港總代理:

Ultimaker團隊官方委任書  3DMart Ltd.為香港Ultimaker官方代理經銷商
Ultimaker Warranty

Additional Information

重量 0.75 kg


噴嘴溫度 Nozzle Temp.:245-260 ̊C
加熱板溫度 Heated bed Temp.:80 ̊C
打印速度 Speed 40-80 mm/s
淨重 Net Weight 0.75KG
線徑 Diameter 2.85mm
長度 Length  90m
玻璃轉化溫度 Glass Transition Temp.:97 ̊C