Ultimaker ABS – Green 綠色

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Product Description

Ultimaker ABS -Green 綠色


Ultimaker  ABS 綠色是最清新自然的,彷彿置身於綠油油的大草坪中

ABS(丙烯腈 – 丁二烯 – 苯乙烯)是一種常用的3D打印材料。它具有良好的機械性能,並且可以應用於廣泛的範圍。Ultimaker ABS特別的配方可以減少翹曲,確保層與層間黏合的穩定性,讓您可以輕鬆使用ABS來製作各種功能原型,從容易到複雜的設計通通沒問題,如此的特性使它比其他普通的ABS打印線材更容易使用。使用時同時建議搭配Cura 切片軟體,展現最佳的成品品質。此線材除了Ultimaker 機器外,也適用於其他FDM機器。

Ultimaker ABS green is a fresh and natural color, as if we are exposure in the green lawn.

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a frequently used 3D printing material. It has good mechanical properties, and can be used for a wide range. Ultimaker ABS special formula can minimize the warping and ensure consistent layer adhesion, so you can easily use ABS to print a variety of functional prototypes. It’s nothing to do with easy or complex design, therefore, it can be easier to print than other ABS material because of its special characteristics. It is also recommended to simultaneously use Cura software, it can show the best finished models quality. Besides the Ultimaker 3D printer, this filaments can also use on other FDM 3D printer.

Ultimaker  線材特色


Ultimaker Material Features

● Excellent mechanical properties
● Excellent interlayer adhesion, especially using the front door add-on
● Withstand temperatures up to 85 º C
● A strong prototype can be made or used as an end-use part
● Compared to other ABS filaments, it can achieve a nicer aesthetics
● With minimal warping and excellent platform adhesion, you can formulated for an easy 3D printing experience.

Ultimaker ABS 3D列印線材 高強度 高耐溫 汽車零件

↑↑↑ ABS適合用來製作汽車零件,由於其較高的強度以及耐溫性。 ↑↑↑
ABS is used to print functional prototypes in automotive companies due to its high strength and durability..

Example 3D prints using ABS:

Ultimaker ABS 3D列印線材 高強度 高耐溫 葉輪


Fast proofing
ABS provides engineers to make samples at the lowest cost approach for the product development cycles, enabling them to complete designs quickly. You can use Ultimaker ABS from initial proofing to full production.

Ultimaker ABS 3D列印線材 高強度 高耐溫 引擎零件

使用ABS材質進行3D打印,您可以準確地測試以及模擬最終產品的性能,組裝和功能 – 增加您對產品的信心。

Fit testing
With 3D printing using ABS materials, you can accurately test and simulate the form, fit and function of an end product’s performance – giving you confidence in the final design.

Ultimaker ABS 3D列印線材 高強度 高耐溫 耳機


General capacities
ABS has good mechanical properties. Whether you are going to be assembled for verification, the general appearance assessment, or design checks , you can used ABS to complete all of them!


Technical Data Sheet 

Ultimaker 香港總代理:

Ultimaker團隊官方委任書  3DMart Ltd.為香港Ultimaker官方代理經銷商
Ultimaker Warranty

Additional Information

重量 0.75 kg


噴嘴溫度 Nozzle Temp.:245-260 ̊C
加熱板溫度 Heated bed Temp.:80 ̊C
打印速度 Speed 40-80 mm/s
淨重 Net Weight 0.75KG
線徑 Diameter 2.85mm
長度 Length  90m
玻璃轉化溫度 Glass Transition Temp.:97 ̊C