Ultimaker PLA – Transparent 透明

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Product Description

Ultimaker PLA – Transparent 透明

Ultimaker PLA 透明材料提供絕佳的透明度,純淨自然

PLA 是聚乳酸是一款生物降解的環保材質塑料, 廣泛的運用在3D打印上。

Ultimaker PLA線材十分容易列印且不易翹曲,能提供物件良好的表面質感,
同時可以搭配Cura 切片軟體,展現最佳的成品品質。此線材除了Ultimaker 機器外,也適用於其他FDM機器

Ultimaker PLA transparent filaments provides excellent transparency, pure and natural

The roundness and diameter of the Ultimaker filaments which is exclusive developed by Ultimaker are very accurate and both factor are of crucial to the print quality. Each filaments is supplied with a spool, which ensures that the filaments is smooth and easy to store when printing. PLA (polylactic acid) is a biodegradable green material plastic, and widely used in 3D printing.

Ultimaker PLA is easy to print and hard to warp, moreover it can provide a good surface quality to models.
With the use of Cura software, it can show the best finished model quality. Besides the Ultimaker 3D printer, this material can also use on other FDM printer.

Reasons to choose Ultimaker PLA 3DMART

Ultimaker  線材特色

可用於Ultimaker 3上 與 PVA搭配做主體及支撐

Ultimaker material Features

● Good tensile strength and surface quality
● Suitable for rapid printing system
● User-friendly for both home and office environments
● Allows the creation of high-resolution parts
● Ideal for models and prototypes that require aesthetic detail
● Suitable for making metal models before proofing
● A wide range of color options available
● Print in main body and support with PVA on Ultimaker 3

Ultimaker  線材運用 (Application of Ultimaker filaments)

                 製作精準的物件實體                                   完整展現模型細節                                    呈現物件曲線及懸空處

3DMART Ultimaler PLA dual extruder
三帝瑪 Ultimaler 模型細節 pla
3dmart ultimaker filament pla

【3D printing filaments】How to print with Ultimaker PLA?
Technical Data Sheet

Ultimaker 香港總代理:

Ultimaker團隊官方委任書  3DMart Ltd.為香港Ultimaker官方代理經銷商
Ultimaker Warranty

Additional Information

重量 0.75 kg


噴嘴溫度 Nozzle Temp.:210-230 ̊C
加熱板溫度 Heated bed Temp.:60-75 ̊C (無加熱板可貼藍色膠帶)
打印速度 Speed 40-80 mm/s
淨重 Net Weight 0.75KG
線徑 Diameter 2.85mm
長度 Length  90m
玻璃轉化溫度 Glass Transition Temp.:60-65 ̊C