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Form 2 3D Printer
型號 FL2
品牌 Formlabs
售價 37800


SLA 3D打印機 Form 2

Form 2 是一台有高分辨率的桌上機型光固化3D打印機,擁有與高階工業3D印機匹敵的列印品質,售價卻相對低了許多。Form2 採用光固化(SLA)技術,可以做到一般FDM 3D打印機無法比擬的打印品質。

SLA光固化技術在多種3D印技術裡擁有最高標準的精度和分辨率。 SLA 3D打印機的打印品質甚至可以超越高端FDM機型。在使用光固化的過程中,系統引導雷射精準的穿過光敏樹脂槽並使光敏樹脂一層層的固化。對於設計師而言一台專業的SLA 3D印機絕對是夢寐以求的絕佳工具

Form 2 is a high-resolution desktop Stereolithography 3D printer. As a high-end industrial 3D printer, Form 2’s price is relatively low. Form2 utilize Stereolithography (SLA) technology, it can print high-quality model that general FDM 3D printer can’t print.

SLA Stereolithography technology has the highest standards of accuracy and resolution in a variety of 3D printing technology. The print quality of SLA 3D printers can even surpass high-end FDM printers. In the process of using Stereolithography technology, the system guides the laser precisely go through the photosensitive resin groove and make the photosensitive resin layer of curing. For the designers, possessing a professional SLA 3D printer is absolutely a matters in their dream.

Form2  SLA 3D列印機可以印製出層厚僅有25微米的精細度,這是其它機型所望塵莫及的。另一方面,雷射點的大小僅有140微米,印製時有支撐的最小壁厚(Minimum Unsupported Wall Thickness),也就是指當兩側都是懸空的沒有得支撐情況下每一層最薄的寬度,可以小到600微米,若有支撐更可以達400微米的厚度。極其精確的動作創造出光滑到令人印象深刻的表面光潔度。最大的構建尺寸為145×145×175mm(5.7"×5.7"×6.9")。對於較大的物件,你可以分成各個部分來列印。

Form2 SLA 3D printer can print the layer thickness of only 25 microns, this is what other 3D printers can’t compared with. On the other hand, the laser spot size is only 140 microns, and there is Minimum Unsupported Wall Thickness. That is, when both sides are suspended without support, each layer of the thinnest, can be as small as 600 microns. With support, it can reach to 400 microns thickness. Extremely precise movements create a smooth and impressive surface. The largest build volume is 145 x 145 x 175 mm (5.7 "x 5.7" x 6.9 "). For so larger 3D printing models, you can print them in separate sections.

Form 2 的設計非常簡潔,僅有一落灰色鋁製底座,一顆運作按鈕和一個小小的液晶顯示器。上面是橙色的塑膠罩,覆蓋於3D打印機的上半部,選擇橙色並不是為了美觀,而是為了工程所設計,這種色調能阻擋紫外線(這會硬化樹脂)不管是進入還是離開Form2 3D打印機。將橘色塑膠罩向後上方揭開就能看見印表機的主要部分:在頂部是金屬打印平台,而樹脂槽就在它的下方。

Form 2’s design is very simple, only a gray aluminum base, and an operating button and a small LCD display. The upper orange plastic cover covers the top half of the 3D printer. The orange color is chosen not for aesthetics, but for the engineering design. This kind of hue can prevent ultraviolet light (which will harden the resin) from injecting or leaving form the 3Dprinter. Open the orange cover and you can see the main part of the printer: at the top is the metal building platform, and resin is on the bottom of it.

當 Form 2 到您手上時就已經完全組裝好,且校準過,馬上就能使用!你需要準備只的是一台電腦來安裝PreForm 軟體,以及您要印製的模型,和異丙醇(IPA),用來沖洗你的印成品。自製的PreForm軟體和單按鈕界面,使整個列印體驗簡單、直覺、又愉快!

It has been fully assembled and calibrated when the Form 2 comes to your hand. You can immediately use it! All you need is to prepare is a PC to install the PreForm software, the model you want to print, and isopropyl alcohol (IPA), which is used to rinse your finished print. PreForm software and a single-button interface, make the entire printing experience become simple, intuitive, and happy!

主要規格 Key Specification:
尺寸 Dimensions: 35x33x52 cm (13.5x13x20.5 inches)
重量 Weight: 13 kg (28.5 lbs)
列印材料 Print Material: 光敏樹脂 Methacrylate photopolymer resin
列印大小 Print Area: 145x145x175 mm (5.7x5.7x6.9 inches)
列印平台 Print Surface: 可移動式的金屬平台 Removable metal print bed
層厚 Layer Size: 25, 50, 100 micron (0.001, 0.002 or 0.004 inches)
連結 Interface : USB 2.0
雷射功率Laser Power : 250mW
雷射大小Laser Spot Size(FWHM): 140 microns

3DMART 提供您Formlabs原廠的一年保固,完整教學、後續維修及售後服務均在3DMart或透過Support信箱進行。
3DMART provides you a one-year warranty as the manufacture Formlabs, and the entire 3D printer tutorial, and follow-up service and after-sales service in the our office or via our Support serive email.


Quick Start Guide

印體積:145x145x175 mm (5.7x5.7x6.9 inches)
層厚:25, 50, 100 micron (0.001, 0.002 or 0.004 inches)
雷射大小(FWHM) :140 microns
傳輸方式:Wifi / Ethernet / USB cord
檔案類型:STL / OBJ / FORM10
AC 輸入:100–240 V 1.5 A 50/60 Hz 65 W
樹脂溫度:自動加熱至35° Ç的最佳溫度
外型尺寸:35x33x52 cm (13.5x13x20.5 inches)
重量:13 kg (28.5 lbs)

Build volume:145x145x175 mm (5.7x5.7x6.9 inches)
Build plate:Removable metal print bed
Supported material:Methacrylate photopolymer resin
Layer resolution:25, 50, 100 micron (0.001, 0.002 or 0.004 inches)
Laser power:250mW
Laser spot size(FWHM) :140 microns
Connectivity:Wifi / Ethernet / USB cord
File type:STL / OBJ / FORM10
AC input:100–240 V 1.5 A 50/60 Hz 65 W
Peel mechanism:Sliding peel process with wiper
Printer control:Interactive Touch screen with push-button
Covered:Orange covered
Resin fill sustem:Automated
Operating temperature:Auto heats to 35° Ç
Technology:SLA technology
Dimention:35x33x52 cm (13.5x13x20.5 inches)
Weight:13 kg (28.5 lbs)
Finish kit:Finishing tray、scraper、pre and post rinse tubs、rinse basket、squeeze bottle、flush cutters、tweezers、disposable nitrile gloves、PEC*PAD wipes、microfiber cloth、removal tool、removal Jig

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