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Ultimaker S3 3D Printer

SKU: 85422afb467e.
Model: UM216932
Brand: Ultimaker

Price: HK$38,800


Product Description

Ultimaker S3 Desktop 3D Printer

Smaller size, industrial grade
Ultimaker S3 is a dual-nozzle 3d printer that provides high-quality and reliable printing results —for a streamlined work process. Ultimaker S3 is equipped with advanced technology, which is not only easy to operate, powerful, stable and efficient, but also an industrial grade and suitable for small and innovative enterprises to use in the office.


Reliable 3D printing technology
The auto correction of the buildplate platform can ensure that 3D printing is stable and reliable every time. Ultimaker S3 is equipped with a material detection system and flow sensor to eliminate the risk of failure when the material is used up. With the print setting profiles in Ultimaker Cura slicing software, Ultimaker Cloud, Ultimaker Connect – Ultimaker not only represents a high-quality 3D printer, but also provides a complete printing ecosystem.

Ultimaker S3 in office environment


Ultimaker S3 right side


 Ultimaker Features
Multiple connections: print over Wi-Fi, LAN, cloud, or USB.
Easy to operate: The award-winning Ultimaker 3D printers uses a touch screen and intuitive user interface.
Automatic calibration: The automatic calibration system allows the first layer of printing to stick perfectly to the platform without the need for users to supervise.
Glass door panel: new Ultimaker S3 3D printer is equipped with a glass door panel to provide a constant temperature environment for better 3D printing.

. Material run out detection: automatic flow sensor system can prevent failure when material runs out, and will continue the previous 3D printing job after the material is changed.
. Remote monitoring: equipped with NFC material identification technology and can remotely monitor the printing progress and status through the camera.
. Various options: Ultimaker S3 can use CC Red 0.6 printcore, which is the same grade as Ultimaker S5, and adopts abrasive-resistant feed gear that can transport abrasive filament (such as carbon fiber filaments).
Ultimaker comprehensive 3D printing system
Ultimaker is countless award-winning global leading brand of 3D printers, stable, reliable and easy to use; can continuously print and produce high-quality parts with highest up time, allowing you to get the products you need more quickly and easily, making your workflow smoother.
Official slicing software
Ultimaker Cura official slicing software supports 14 languages, trusted by millions of users worldwide, and can add plug-in components through the Marketplace. With Ultimaker Cloud system, digital manufacturing can be performed globally.
Global Materials Alliance
Ultimaker users can select from the widest range of materials on the market, and cooperate with global material manufacturers to meet your multiple product development needs, from acid and alkali resistance to carbon fiber composite filaments.


 Professional service
As the general agent of Ultimaker in Hong Kong, 3DMart provides you with the most complete introduction and after sales services, training articles, technical assistance and user training. Contact us today to keep up with digital manufacturing!

Ultimaker 3D Printers Enterprise User Case
Three key points of smart production lines in computer manufacturing!
Heineken beer: Ultimaker for 3D printing!
Ford: How to win the war on the production line?
RAF: 3D printing technology takes off!
Taiwan’s new design power to enter the European market!

 Repair and warranty:

Machine comes with 1 year carry-in warranty, after-sales technical support is free of charge. For details, please refer to 3DMart machine maintenance process andUltimaker Warranty
The print core is a consumable and therefore not covered by the warranty.

Product Specifications

Printing technology
Fused Deposition Modeling FDM (FFF)
Printhead Automatic lifting dual nozzle printhead
Print Volume 230 x 190 x 200 mm
Layer Resolution 0.25mm nozzle:150-60 micron
0.4mm nozzle:200-20 micron
0.6mm nozzle:300-20 micron
0.8mm nozzle:600-20 micron
X/Y/Z resolution
6.9/6.9/2.5 micron
Printing Speed <24 mm³ /s
Heated platform
Heated glass platform(20-110 °C)
Nozzle diameter
0.4mm(out of the box)
0.25mm、0.6mm、0.8mm(extra options)
Operation noise
<50 dBA
Connection method
Wi-Fi、LAN、USB drive
Product Size 394 x 489 x 637 mm(including feeding tubes and spool holder)
Net Weight
Operational software
Ultimaker Cura slicing software、Ultimaker Connect multiple printers managing system、Ultimaker Cloud remote printing
Supported OS
macOS、Windows and Linux
Warranty 12 months