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Ultimaker 3 3D Printer

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Product Description

3D Printer- Ultimaker 3

In 2017 won the first place on AII3DP website as the “best 3d printer – Ultimaker3”

Ultimaker 3 is one of the most reliable dual extruder 3D printer. Thanks to its unique nozzle automatic lifting system, specially designed structure, support of different material combinations,  easy-to-replace printing hot end, you can print more complex designs and expand your possibilities in 3D printing.

Upgraded and optimized hardware, software and materials, so that Ultimaker 3 can give designers, engineers and manufacturers a new way to create, complete complex geometric shapes that you could not achieve before.

Ultimaker 3 in workshop

● Printing volume is 215 x 215 x 200 mm
● 0.4 mm nozzle, the finest layer resolution is 20 microns
● Printing temperature up to 280˚C
● Dual nozzle design, can use water-soluble support material
● The hot end of the print head can be swapped quickly
● Heating build plate, automatic leveling system

Ultimaker 3 in industrial environment

Hardware functions
Print head
● The design of dual extrusion printhead allows you to combine plastics materials and water-soluble support materials to create complex mechanical parts or perform two-color printing. Ultimaker 3’s unique automatic nozzle lift system ensures smooth and stable printing every time.
● The hot end of the print head that can be quickly replaced. You can run the machine normally for a long time and it is easier to maintain. Your Ultimaker 3 comes with print nozzles for main (AA) and support (BB) materials. Each material has a suitable nozzle, that is for reducing the risk of clogging and a providing more reliable 3D printing experience.
● New cooling fan optimization. Ultimaker 3 features a powerful low-noise fan system with two new radial fans and fan shrouds to improve airflow. This ensures better cooling, improves cross-bridge printing quality, and enables faster printing and smoother surface quality.
● LED status indicator. The print head LED light can show you the status of the machine.

Ultimaker 3 print cores

Excellent 3D printing experience
● Optimization of Cura material configuration. After many trials and tests, Ultimaker have preset the setting and configuration of various materials in Cura, which will automatically adjust the most suitable printing parameters for each material, allowing you to enjoy a smoother and more seamless 3D printing experience. Every print produces consistently high-quality results.
● NFC scan for material identification. Built-in material recognition system ensures that your 3D printer is ready to print. Ultimaker 3 detects and recognizes the material on the reel stand, ensuring that you can print with the correct parameters.
● EEPROM print nozzle board. The EEPROM chip memorizes the size and type of the nozzle, and will notify you if it is not used properly, helping to improve the success rate of printing.
Easier to control and connect
● USB port. Enjoy the convenience of independent printing using a USB flash drive (16GB USB).
● Wi-Fi / LAN. Now you can quickly and easily send your print projects to your Ultimaker 3 via Cura.
● Real-time camera. Simply connect to the Ultimaker 3’s network to remotely monitor every stage of 3D printing.Heated printing platform
● Automatic level calibration. Capacitive sensor in the print head measures the distance between printing platform and nozzle, and can adjust z-height of the first layer to compensate for the tilt angle. Improves the adhesion of the material to the platform.
● New and improved design. The Ultimaker 3 has a lighter, stiffer printing platform that reduces vibration and produces unparalleled, consistent quality. The removable glass plate allows you to easily remove finished print.
● Heating plate. With a heated glass plate, you can use many different materials and improve the adhesion of the first layer to the glass.


Ultimaker 3 heated plate

Double gear feeder
The gear-type feeder provides more propulsion to the filament and also eliminates heat from the motor. Press down the side pressure control lever, you can easily loosen the gears, making it particularly easy to change materials!

Industrial grade materials
● Ultimaker original materials. Ultimaker 3 can print with a variety of materials, including nylon, PLA, ABS, CPE, PVA, CPE +, PC and TPU 95A. You can use two-color materials for two-color printing at the same time, or use water-soluble materials as support materials (nylon / PVA and PLA / PVA) to achieve your complex design.
● NFC material scanning. Your Ultimaker 3 recognizes the materials currently in use. Coupled with Ultimaker extensive testing of various parameters, the preset configuration in Cura is almost perfect, ensuring that your 3D printer settings will provide the highest quality results.
● Open filament system. With reliable hardware equipment, an integrated system of continuously tested materials and cutting-edge software, you are guaranteed to have the highest level of finished products and 3D printing experience. However, because Ultimaker uses an open filament system, you are free to try and test other types of existing materials that meet your own needs.


Ultimaker 3 water soluble supports

Repair and warranty:
3DMART provides you with one year of original warranty, complete after-sales service and maintenance service.

For details, refer to3DMart maintenance process and Ultimaker Warranty
The buyer will have a 12-month warranty period, which excludes the Printcore because it is a consumable item.
If you need extended warranty and value-added services, you can refer to our extra options – on-site support and extended warranty services!

User manual (Chinese):

【Teaching】Ultimaker 3 user manual(Chinese lang)

Ultimaker Hong Kong distributor:

Ultimaker Hong Kong distributor

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Additional Information



Technical specification

Print volume: (Single nozzle) 215 x 215 x 200 mm
(Dual nozzle) 197x215x200 mm
Printing platform: heating plate (to 100 ° C)
Supported materials: PLA / Tough PLA / ABS / CPE / CPE + / Nylon / TPE / PC / PP / PVA / Breakaway
Printing speed: 300 mm / s
Minimum print layer thickness: 20 micron
Nozzle configuration: double nozzle
Nozzle temperature: up to 280 ° C
Nozzle size: 0.4mm/0.8mm/0.25mm
Filament diameter diameter: 2.85 mm
Connectivity: USB cord / Wi-Fi
Positioning accuracy: X / Y: 12,5 micron; Z: 5 micron
Software: Cura, Slic3r, Repetier, Simplify3D, KISSlicer …
File type: STL / GCODE
AC input: 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 HZ, 221 W.
Average operating noise: 50 dBA
Overall dimensions (excluding feeder tube and spool holder): 342x380x389 mm
Net weight: 10.6 kg
Shipping package size: 390x400x565 mm