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Sinterit Lisa PRO SLS 3D printer
Product model ST0008
Brand Sinterit
Comes with original anti-collision prorection box!

Sinterit Lisa PRO SLS 3D Printer

Desktop SLS 3D printer comes with industrial quality and a larger printing range:

Industrial possibilities of Lisa Pro
Thanks to a nitrogen chamber you can experiment with a vast number of materials. At this moment Sinterit offers: PA12 SMOOTH, PA11 ONYX, FLEXA GREY, FLEXA BRIGHT, FLEXA SOFT and TPE...
Sinterit Lisa PRO SLS 3D printer

Size matters
Take advantage of the outstanding print volume of Lisa Pro. The best solution for larger models, up to 308 mm diagonally, depending on the material.

Sinterit Lisa PRO SLS 3D printer samples

Sinterit Studio 2019
Thanks to a dedicated desktop application you can prepare 3D models, set them in the printable area, check all the collisions and track print status most comfortably and intuitively.
Sinterit Lisa PRO SLS 3D printer samples

Even easier than before
Plenty of hardware enhancements resulted in even more reliable printing. With the latest version of Sinterit Studio 2019 software you will get the best possible support during the printing progress.
Sinterit Lisa PRO SLS 3D printer screen
The most accessible SLS solution
This compact end-to-end system allows you to become fully professional and independent SLS user.
Sinterit Lisa PRO SLS 3D printer samples
Use laser light to manufacture final products with professional selective laser sintering quality. After the verification of the quality, it is now better to use!

How to unpack:


Printed product:
Sinterit Lisa PRO SLS 3D printer samples
Sinterit Lisa PRO SLS 3D printer samples

*Comes with original anti-collision prorection box!

Technology SLS
Laser light system Class 1,class 5[W]; λ= 808 [nm]
Size 690 x 500 x 880 mm
Weight 90kg
Maximum print size(diagonal) 316mm
Maximum print volume PA: 90×130×230 mm
Flexa:110 x 150 x 250 mm
Print platform size 150 x 200 x 260 mm
XY accuracy Start from 0.05 mm
Layer thickness Z-axis (minimum-maximum) 0.075 – 0.175 mm
Layer thickness (minutes) 0.4mm
Detailed size 0.1 mm
The diameter of the hole 0.5 mm
Moving parts clearance 0.2 mm
Nitrogen Chamber Built-in
Average nitrogen consumption 0.15 (m3/hour)
PA11 powder-polyamide 11 PA11 powder-polyamide 11
Average size 40 [μm]
PA12 smooth powder-polyamide 12: 20-100 [μm]
Average size 38 [μm]
Elastic black powder 20-105 [μm]
Elastic gray powder 20-105 [μm]
Material update rate From 0-50% depends on the material
Software Sinterit Studio 2018
 Supported file types STL、OBJ、3DS、FBX、DAE、3MF
Operating system Microsoft Windows
LCD screen Full color
Touch screen 7’’
Camera Built-in
Transfer method USB
Independent heating Piston, body, platform, printing platform
Maximum temperature 192C
Power supply 220-240 [V] AC,50/60 [Hz],7 [A]or 100-130 [V] AC,50/60 [Hz],15 [A]
Average power consumption 0,9 [kW]
Maximum power consumption 1,8 [kW]
Package contains LISA 2 3D printer + a set of accessories + manual
Material update rate Percentage of fresh powder that must be mixed with unused (unsintered) powder
Reuse for the next print.
Technical requirement for installing Sinterit Studio software .Windows 7 or higher
.At least 500 MB of space,
.At least 2 GB RAM,
. Graphics adapter with OpenGL 3.0 or higher

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