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Phrozen Sonic 4K LCD 3D Printer

Price: HK$8,980


Product Description

Phrozen Sonic: 4K LCD 3D Printer

Ultra-fast! The fastest curing time ONLY takes 0.5 sec !

With its innovative LCD technology, the Phrozen Sonic is set out to change the 3D printing landscape across many industries. With great precision, large build area, and blazing speeds of 60mm/ hr, the Sonic is an ideal solution for professionals from all areas.

(Sonic Print Six Dental Crowns Only 15 mins 37 secs!)


Print Fast

.Using Mono-LCD with 4 Times Transmittance

.ParaLEDTM 3.0, Specially Designed for Mono-LCD

.Fast Moving Single Linear Rail


Less Maintenance

.Tailor-Made Mono-LCD

.2000+ Hour Longer Life Time

.Better Thermal Stability: Less Dead Pixels for Long Use

.Compression Resistant: Tolerance for Operation Error


Easy Operation

.Equipped with 5”High Resolution Touch Panel

.Pre-installed Phrozen OS with better User Experience

.PZSlice Pro, professional slicer powered by FormWare

Phrozen Sonic lcd

Mono-LCD Made For 3D Printing

4 times Higher Transmittance at 405nm.

Phrozen Sonic led

ParaLEDTM 3.0 Module

Metal-Core PCB with most Efficient UV-LED.

Phrozen Sonic cnc02

All Aluminum CNC Solid Structure


Fast Moving Single Linear Rail

Increase Moving Speed by 50%.


5”High Resolution Touch Panel

One Click Control For Better Operation.


Pre-Installed Phrozen OS

User Friendly with Multi-Functions.


Professional Slicer

All New PZSlice Pro, powered by FormWare in Netherland.


Package Includes

Phrozen Sonic: LCD 3D Printer * 1 pc

Black Power Cable

Printing Kit (Gloves, Wiper/Scraper, Funnel)

Phrozen FormWare Code


Resin is not included. Remember to buy one for best experience.

Product Specifications

Printer Size 28*28*37cm
Printer Weight 10kg
Package Size 32*32*52cm
Package Weight 11.5kg
Voltage 100-240V
System Power 60W
Print Speed 60mm/hr
Print Size 12*6.8*17cm
Z-Axis Single Linear Rail, Lead Screw, All Aluminum CNC Structure
Optical Design ParaLEDTM 3.0 Module With 405nm UV-LED
LCD 5.5”mono-LCD 2000 hr Life Time, customized for 3D Printing
Touch Panel / OS 5″ IPS High Resolution Touch Panel with Phrozen OS
Cooling System Multi-Fans Cooling
Connection WiFi, Ethernet, USB
Slicer PZSlice Pro