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Matterport PRO2 3D Interior Scanner Tripod Bundle

Price: HK$29,800


Product Description

Matterport PRO2 3D Interior Scanner Tripod Bundle

Matterport PRO2 3D Scanner Tripod Bundle includes: Matterport PRO2 3D Scanner, Manfrotto 190XPRO aluminum 3-section tripod, Desmond Deluxe 60mm quick release clamp. 

Matterport Pro2 Tripod bundle

Matterport PRO2 3D Interior scanner
Matterport PRO2 is a professional 3D scanner with 134 megapixels camera. With Matterport Capture app, it can quickly 3D scan a variety of spaces and immediately generate high-precision 3D virtual tour and 3d file.

Product Features:
. Professional photo resolution (134 megapixels) and 99% 3D accuracy
. Suitable for scanning any size space (family apartment, hotel, commercial building, warehouse)
. High-quality 3D scanning, 4K image quality
. Just press a button to use easily, no experience required
. With lithium battery, it can be used for 8 hours at a time
. Can be paired with iOS devices in the Matterport Capture app
. Use common file specifications (for example: OBJ, XYZ)

Matterport Pro2 3d scanner

Manfrotto 190XPRO Aluminum 3-section camera tripod
Manfrotto 190XPRO is a quality standard in tripods by Italian manufacturer. It has an aluminum three-section legs with a horizontal column and a multi-functional 90° central column mechanism. It has an Easy Link connector.

Product Features:
1. Italy’s World-Class tripod manufacturer
2. Foldable horizontal column mechanism, smart, light and easy to carry
3. Without disassembling the tripod, you can directly switch from horizontal mode to vertical mode
4. 90°rotating camera tripod for all-round shooting
5. Fast power lock, simple setting
6. Stable and firm

Manfrotto 190XPro camera tripod

Desmond Deluxe 60mm quick release clamp
The Desmond Deluxe 60mm tripod clip has an all-metal structure, is 60 mm long, and has a horizontal leveling indicator. The fixture has 3/8” -16 screws and contains 1 /4” -20 threaded sleeve, so it can be installed on most tripods and tripod heads.

Product features
. All metal structure
. Compatible with Arca series
. Horizontal movement, strong
. Shaft adjustment, level bubble indicator
. Easy to operate

Desmond Dac-60 quick release tripod clamp

Application example video:
.Construction works

Finished 3D scanning application:
.Hotel space (indoor + environment)

. NIKE Milan store (indoor space)

. San Andreas Church

. Barefoot Caravan


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With Matterport PRO2 3D scanner , you can quickly and easily obtain high-quality, high-precision 2D floor plans and 3D virtual spaces, connecting your space with the world, contact us to learn more information about multiple 3D scanning devices.