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BCN3D EPSILON W50 3D Printer

Price: HK$72,800


Product Description

BCN3D EPSILON W50 3D Printer

BCN3D Epsilon 3D printer has an independent dual nozzle (IDEX) system, a safe enclosed frame, and can efficiently produce high-quality, high-precision objects. The working platform can be heated up to 120°C, which can help to effectively avoid model warping. It is suitable for producing all kinds of industrial parts.



IDEX technology: double efficiency
BCN3D can print in copy and mirror modes thanks to independent dual nozzle (IDEX) system. The dual nozzles can be operated independently, during printing process, only one nozzle can be selected to avoid contamination from the second nozzle.

BCN3D IDEX System gif

The dual nozzles of the BCN3D Epsilon 3D printer can print two objects at the same time. You can choose copy and mirror modes to increase double productivity.

BCN3D Epsilon copy and mirror mode gif


1. Copy mode
Second model can be 3d printed in the same time, which doubles the productivity.

2. Mirror mode
Second model can be printed in a symmetrical manner to speed up production.

3. Soluble supports
When making complex parts, you can print water-soluble support structures at the same time, you are no longer limited by the part shape.

4. Multiple material printing
You can print two filaments of different colors or different materials at the same time.

Internal System Design
1. Bondtech™ feeder
With Bondtech™ high-tech dual-drive gears, it can control any type of 3D printing filament, with more precision and superior performance.
BCN3D Epsilon W50 Feeder
2. Filament sensor
The built-in sensor can detect the filament flow, and pause printing process if filament runs out.
BCN3D Epsilon W50 filament sensor
3. e3D™Hotend extruders
e3D™well-designed extruder can provide the smoothest and stable filament extrusion.
BCN3D Epsilon W50 extruder
4. Heated bed up to 120ºC
The BCN3D Epsilon is equipped with a heating platform that can reach 120ºC, which is suitable for printing with engineering-grade materials and avoiding warpage problems.
BCN3D Epsilon W50 heated buildplate
5. Aluminum frame
The sturdy aluminum frame ensures the strength and durability of the work platform.
BCN3D Epsilon W50 enclosure
6. Multilingual 5-inch touch screen
BCN3D Epsilon series is equipped with a multi-language interface, supported languages include: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese.
BCN3D Epsilon W50 lcd screen

Stable performance
BCN3D uses new materials developed by well-known chemical companies – BASF and Mitsubishi Chemical, such as ABSPPPATPUPET-GPLA etc.

BCN3D Epsilon printhead closeup

HEPA filter of the BCN3D Epsilon 3D printer can protect the working environment from potential harmful particles when using industrial materials. The carbon filter is not affected by the harmful smoke generated by the materials.

BCN3D Epsilon Air Filter

Professional slicing software: BCN3D Cura
Use BCN3D Cura to twek 3D printer and materials settings, adjust the size, zoom, rotation, and slice preview functions.

BCN3D Epsilon’s Safe Pause System function can automatically pause  3D printing process when the glass door is opened.

BCN3D Epsilon big build volume

The BCN3D Epsilon 3D printer can be used with the new Hotend X and 3D printing with fiber filled materials (for example: PAHT CF15, PP GF30) to make stronger parts.

BCN3D Epsilon big size print

Using the BCN3D Cloud platform, you can connect to BCN3D Epsilon via WiFi and upload files. The system will automatically download latest firmware to ensure that your 3D printer is always has the newest version.

BCN3D Cloud

Go to the official website to learn more about the application of FDM technology, various types of 3D printers, or contact us for more detailed information on 3D printing.

Technical Specification

Machine size 530 x 690 x 900 mm
Weight 37kg
Package size 600 x 800 x 1185 mm
Technology FDM(FFF)
Extruder system Dual Independent Extruders(IDEX)
Maximum print size 420 x 300 x 400 mm
Air filter system H13/ HPEA Filter
Activated carbon filter
Number of nozzles 2
Extruder system Bondtech™ hight-tech
Dual drive gear
Electronics Toradex ARM
BCN3D Electronics
Firmware BCN3D Embedded Linux distribution
BCN3D Epsilon – Marlin
Heated bed Silicone thermal pad
Screen 5 Inch full color touch screen
Language German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese
File format Gcode
Operating Sound 49 dB(A)
Nozzle diameter 0,4mm(installed)/ 0,6mm / 0,8mm /
1,0mm / Hotend X:0.6mm
Certification CE/ FCC
Connectivity Offline printing: SD card
Online printing: Wifi or Ethernet
Filament diameter 2.85 mm
Compatible materials PLA、PVA、PET-G、TPU、ABS、PP、PA
Hotend X(0.6mm):PP GF30、PAHT CF15
Layer hight 0.05 – 0.5 mm
X/Y/Z Positioning resolution 1.25 mm/ 1.25 mm/ 1mm
Operating temperature 15°C – 35°C
Maximum nozzle temperature 300°C
Maximum buildplate temperature 120°C
Build chamber maximum temperature 60°C
Software BCN3D Cura
OS Windows、Mac、Linux
Supported files STL、3MF、OBJ、AMF
Maximum power consumption 840W
Electric input 84-240V / 3,6-1,3A / 50-60Hz